My little helpers

The world is SUCH a mess right now… On my blog at school, I posted something about the concept of “wasicu,” which I only learned the other day, and it tied into a thought about G r e e d, and now someone has “commented” with a HUGE LONG WEIRD manifesto about it. Which is why I have spelled out the G word in the preceding sentence — if that person has some kind of bot going around doing blog shark stuff, I want nothing more to do with it.

So as a form of protest, I am putting up pictures of my cats. Although they are about g r e e d in that feline way, they are also just kindof awesome, and they feed my thigmo needs.

The black cat is Xander. The pretty cat with the opera mask & cape is Olive.

hello, ladeez....

hello, ladeez....

no food, no pose

no food, no pose

3 comments on “My little helpers

  1. stacy says:

    beautiful cats…
    i have a black cat myself…
    and if you’re addicted to storieis,
    i’m not to proud to exploit that addiction… :)

  2. belledame222 says:


    i briefly considered naming my kitty Xander, but he decided his name was something else.

  3. littlehippo says:

    OH, pussy…YES! Love the little lions, darling.

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